The current release for Apache 1.3 is 1.0. This is the first stable release.

The current release for Apache 2.x is 1.0a. This fixes a minor bug with Etags, and doesn't affect the Apache 1.3 release.

This module is currently in release form. It has been running successfully on my own web site for over three years without crashing. It could use a code review to spot any C mistakes I've made, or any mis-interpretations of the RFCs I'm implementing.

The module has been tested with recent versions of the following clients:

Currently the module is only extensively tested for Apache 1.3.x. I've written a 2.x release as well, but it is not as fully tested.

I don't have binary versions available. I know it compiles and runs correctly under Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Gutsy, but I have no knowledge of other platforms, particularly Windows platforms.


Much of this module would not be possible, or would be badly written, if it were not for the substantial amount of Apache module code already available. Notable influences came from:

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